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King Charles III has Proclaimed Britain’s New Monarch

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King Charles III has Proclaimed Britain's New Monarch
King Charles III has Proclaimed Britain’s New Monarch

King Charles III is now the world’s newest monarch. He has officially proclaimed sovereign of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The monarchy ceremony was held on Saturday morning in a constitutional ceremony dating back hundreds of years. There are Nearly 700 members of the current Accession Council. They are the oldest functioning part of Britain’s government. All of them were called to meet Saturday at St James’s Palace in London. St James’s Palace is the official residence of the UK’s kings and queens for centuries.

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Around 200 of the current privy councilors attended the proceedings in London on Saturday. It included many former prime ministers and other high-ranking politicians. The Privy Council is the oldest operating part of Britain’s government. The Privy Council dates back nearly 1,000 years. For the first time in the long history of the Accession Council, the two-part ceremony was broadcast live on television on Saturday. 

In the first part of the ceremony, British lawmaker Penny Mordaunt, lord president of the council, announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II. After that secretary of the council, Richard Tilbrook, read aloud a proclamation of accession.

The council members signed the proclamation.

For the second part of the council, King Charles joined the meeting at St James’s. The Privy Councilors watched as the new monarch read statements relating to his mother’s death, and then swore to serve his kingdom.

Charles promised to follow his mother’s “inspiring example”. Charles said he was “deeply aware of this great heritage and of the duties and heavy responsibilities of sovereignty that have now passed on to me.”

 “I know how deeply you and the whole nation are, and I think I can say that the whole world sympathizes with me in this irreparable loss that we have all suffered,” he said of the Queen’s passing.


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