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The 10 Best Business Articles Every Entrepreneur Should Read

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The 10 Best Business Articles Every Entrepreneur Should Read
The 10 Best Business Articles Every Entrepreneur Should Read (Image: Babson Thought & Action)

Business articles serve as an accessible source of small business advice, whether you find them in a newspaper, business magazine, or business blog. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the 37 best business articles, business news articles, and business management articles for entrepreneurs covering topics from managing a business to finding the motivation to keep going.

1. “50 Signs You Could Be An Entrepreneur”

Entrepreneurs and business owners have a certain type of spirit and drive that pushes them forward. Use this business article to find out if you possess the qualities of an entrepreneur yourself.

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2. “The iEconomy”

If you’re a small business owner on the cutting edge of the tech industry, then The New York Times “The iEconomy” is one of the best compilations of business articles to read.

The articles in this Pulitzer Prize-winning series take a close look at the ever-changing high-tech industry. As an entrepreneur in a technology-oriented business, you may find that the iEconomy series has a unique perspective on how challenging it can be to keep up in the technology industry.

3. “‘Don’t take it personally’ is lousy work advice.”

In this Harvard Business Review article, Duncan Coombe explains why small business owners and employees should take work personally.

This Harvard Business Review article is one of the best business articles for entrepreneurs looking for tips on engaging their employees, building a successful business, and taking pride in their work.

4. “Why you hate work”

In The New York Times’ Why You Hate Work, Tony Schwartz and Christine Porath discuss what the modern employee must do in the workplace.

If you’re wondering how you can make your employees happier at work, this is one of the best business articles to read. Schwartz and Porath delve into what motivates people and what drives them away.

Or if you’re one of those 9 to 5 employees who hates your job, this could be one of the best business articles to inspire you to take charge of your career.

5. “Do you think you are too old to be an entrepreneur? think again”

Despite what you may have learned from “Silicon Valley” or “The Social Network,” not all entrepreneurs are 20-something men wearing a hoodie.

If you’re looking for business articles that reassure you that you’re not too young to start your own business, then you’ve found one in this infographic. Entrepreneurs come of all ages and come from all walks of life, and Anna Vital’s infographic will convince you of that.

6. “Facing the challenge of disruptive change”

“Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change,” by legendary economics scholar Clayton Christensen and business consultant Michael Overdorf, is one of the best business articles for entrepreneurs who need help managing change in their business.

Growing pains are an inevitable part of any successful small business. This article helps business owners identify when their companies desperately need change or how to handle change when it comes their way.

Harvard Business Review has a handful of small business articles that have stood the test of time, but “Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change” is one of the best business articles to keep referring to as you manage more and more employees.

7. “What makes a leader?”

Another of the best business articles in the Harvard Business Review is “What Makes a Leader?” by Daniel Goleman.

8. “Top 5 Reasons ‘The Customer Is Always Right’ Is Wrong”

You’ve heard it before, or maybe you’ve said it yourself: “The customer is always right.”

In his Huffington Post article, Alexander Kjerulf explains why “the customer is always right” shouldn’t be your motto as a small business owner. If you deal with customers in your daily operations, this business article deserves your attention. Not only will you realize why you might be treating your customers poorly, but you might also discover that you’re making the situation worse for your employees along the way.

9. “Regain your creative confidence”

While most business articles in Harvard Business Review cater to the administrative side of things, “Get Your Creative Confidence Back” is about empowering everyone’s creative side.

Creativity is an important trait in a business leader: a recent IBM survey of CEOs around the world shows that it is the most sought after trait in a leader. But as a business owner trying to run a successful company, you can put your creative and “big picture” ideas on the back burner while you work on your business operations.

But it is creativity and innovation that drive companies and industries. So if you feel like you need to reawaken your creative spirit as an entrepreneur, “Get Your Creative Confidence Back” is one of the best business articles to read.

10. “Richard Branson to Young Entrepreneurs: ‘Just Do It.’”

In Oscar Raymundo Inc.’s article, famed entrepreneur Richard Branson explains why aspiring young entrepreneurs must overcome the inherent risk factor of starting a business.

You can sit on a great business idea for years, weighing the pros and cons of starting it. But according to Branson, there comes a time when you just have to do it. If you fail, you fail, and hopefully learned something valuable for your next business venture along the way.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s been ready to launch a small business for quite some time, this is one of the best business articles to help you take the plunge.

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